Martha Oatis is a classical chinese medicine practitioner based in New York City. She has been trained in acupuncture, herbs, essential oils and classical pulse taking by 88th Generation Daoist master Jeffrey Yuen and Ann Cecil-Sterman.

Classical acupuncture has a virtually infinite number of applications, for a wide range of ages, and conditions.

Appointments are scheduled for one hour in which the practitioner gives her undivided attention to the patient. Treatment and diagnosis are always customized and specific to the moment.

To make an appointment please call 347-460-5443.


This is medicine that can touch every aspect of your being. As one layer begins to heal, the rest of you comes into resonance like an instrument tuning itself. These layers include the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies, and your connections to your environment (community, seasons, ecosystem), family, and to divinity.

As you have a chance to heal on any one of these levels you will find the many other levels of your being integrated and held in a new light.

To heal is to step into an increasingly more whole version of yourself, living out your chosen and destined path in life, with heart, grace and a greater capacity to grow, love, and offer your presence to the world.

As my teacher Thea Elijah says, “illness is an X on a treasure map saying: dig here.” The signs and symptoms of an imbalance point to where the healing must begin, but they do not define who you are. Within any form of suffering is a potential to transform and bring forth the wholeness and health that are inherent in any person. When your strengths and vitality are supported in an intentional way, not only do symptoms begin to heal, but you step more wholly into your true self.


Martha Oatis holds a masters degree from the New England School of Acupuncture and a bachelor’s degree from Brown University. She is licensed to practice in New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts and holds national certification in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Honored to have the privilege of devoting her life to the practice of medicine and art, Martha is also a poet, a practitioner of yoga, and a perennial student of the heart.