During your appointment we will thoroughly discuss your complete medical history, and I will ask you to tell me about your health and life goals. I use several traditional Chinese diagnostic techniques, including the examination of pulse, tongue, and abdomen, to find a clear picture of you, your strengths and struggles. Relying on those observations and the therapeutic collaboration between patient and practitioner, a strategy will emerge and unfold, utilizing one, or typically several, of the above modalities. 

Acupuncture; moxabustion; custom herbal prescriptions; cupping & gua sha; shakuju therapy and other non‐insertive needling; pediatric tui na & herbal therapy; medical qi gong (energy work); diet and movement recommendations.

Chinese Medicine is an effective primary care system with the capacity to address acute and chronic conditions as well as provide preventative care throughout one’s life.

With a pediatrics patient after a treatment

Additional Services:

—Pediatric Acupuncture & Family Medicine

Children respond extremely efficiently to Chinese Medicine. Their digestive and immune systems are rapidly growing and adapting to this world and in that process their meridians develop as well. Because children have the capacity to grow and therefore heal quickly, treatments last 20-40 minutes. Not only will your child’s healing take effect rapidly, but the overall effect will be strengthening.

Many parents and children are concerned about the use of needles. For the most part, I use gentle massage and energy work on the meridians, coupled with pediatric herbal formulas to treat acute and long-term constitutional challenges. In some cases I use non-insertive gold and silver plated needles called teishins, and in other cases, with the child’s permission I may use a thin needle in one point for 5 to 30 seconds. I do not use needles with children under the age of 1.

Families function as an energetic collective. Children heal even more efficiently when their parents are also receiving care. When a member of the family is suffering, it is felt by the whole. And similarly, when a member of the family begins to heal, those changes ripple through the collective.

—Distance Healing & Custom Essential Oil blends

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