"Martha brings her whole-self to her practice. She is a generous and compassionate listener, with such a strong and clear intuition that she is always able to find her way to the root cause of whatever issues I come in wishing to address. She holds such a wonderful space for the healing to take place in, and with her warmth, openness, and sensitivity, I can honestly say I’ve had some of the deepest and most profound healing sessions I’ve ever experienced. Her work is deeply transformative, and I could not recommend her more strongly." -D.D.

“Martha’s approach to acupuncture is the most personalized and tuned-in I have ever found. Through the pulses, she really listens to your body, asks questions and allows those elements to guide her treatment for that day. Other practices I have been to felt like I was just another number and the treatment was always the same.  Martha values individualized care, and her warmth and compassion make you truly feel like she is there to provide you with healing and restoration. Martha worked with me on a part of my body that I kept re-injuring and was the first person to propose the idea that, perhaps, there were some emotional and energetic shifts that needed to occur for that part of my body to fully heal. That was a real a-ha moment for me and since working with her I have found significant healing. I would also highly recommend Martha for any women’s health concerns, particularly in balancing hormones and fertility.  She is exceptionally skilled and intuitive and an all around wonderful human!” -J.B.

“Martha Oatis is a healer with a profound intuition for the body, the mind, and the spirit, and for the ways in which these things intersect and interact. I have seen Martha to treat acute physical pain and emotional stress and also for more deeply rooted emotional trauma. She is a kind, caring, and results-driven practitioner and I cannot recommend her enough.”  -C.M.

“I was brand-new to acupuncture when I first met Martha, and she made learning (and healing) feel safe. Discovering and then probing the links between my physical and emotional pain has been surprising, terrifying, hilarious, and mysterious. There is a magic in learning about your scary and capable self, but there's also a magic in Martha — in working with Martha, especially. It's not an overstatement to say that, if you let it, collaborating with her will change your life. Because that's the point! (Also, one time she fixed my migraine in half an hour.)” -R.M.

"Many practitioners can treat a person in a way that helps them heal, but it takes a certain kind of skill to also let that person be an active participant in their own healing. Martha is just such a skilled practitioner. Working with her, I have felt comforted by her confident guidance during treatment while also being empowered to continue the work on my own. As the poet Harryette Mullen said, "you can give a man a rock, or you can teach him how to rock." Martha's clarity and attentiveness to my particular energy have really helped me know myself better, and I find that I "rock" naturally even long after the treatment occurs. " 

- I.C., Brooklyn, NY

"In addition to having an effective, precise, gentle and thorough approach with needles and herbs, Martha herself is a wonderful healing presence--intelligent, serene, a good listener and a thoughtful practitioner. She has a wonderful sense of humor. I have two children under three years old and no spare time to take care of myself; it has been wonderful for me to be able to get acupuncture from Martha with them present. They are delighted to be near her or in her lap while we work together, they also sense how much healing power and kindness she has in her. "

-A.J., Brooklyn, NY